Lerner Systems was acquired by VERMES Microdispensing.

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Dispensing Valves
The appropriate dispensing valves contribute significantly in order to achieve
the desired result. The basic requirement that our dispensing valve is fulfilling,
is a maximum precision with a virtually unlimited number of shots. We use
modern electro pneumatic jet valves for the dispensing of liquids. Due to the
few moving components, the valve has hardly any internal wear. The parts,
tappets and nozzles used for the mechanical application of the dispensed
liquids can be replaced through a simple maintenance.
Correct use and regular maintenance guarantee a long service life. While doing
so the valves are built up modular. By changing the nozzles, the size and shape
of the dispensed drop can be varied.
Software-controlled parameters are additionally available for the optimal drop
These allow, for example, a readjustment of the dispensed liquids emitted.
Thereby it is possible to react to an increase in the viscosity of the dosing
medium during the dispensing.
A switchable heating system ensures constant process temperatures in order to
guarantee the production process even in changing climatic conditions.
With cables up to 10 meters long, maximum flexibility is guaranteed when
installing the valves.
The high-precision and easily programmable LC100D controllers ensure a
consistent process reliability and perfect dispensing of the liquids.

Examples of application

● Adhesives ● Fluxes ● Lacquers ● Cyanoacrylates ● Primers ● Anaerobics ● Oils ●   Solvents ●   Greases ● Solder fluxes ● Silicones ● Solder paste ● Hot melts