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Controller LC100EP

Controller is designed for digital display of real compressed air pressure P1 and P2. The device is mounted in electric box of the machine (robot), connected to the machine computer via RS485 interface and can be stitch together with other LC100 series controllers in one network.

To control controllers of LC100E series, LC100.exe program is used for Win 7 and Win 10 platform. The device is a high-performance addition to the Turbo-Dot system as the controller is perfect for the use of almost every dosage application.


  • Number of channels:                                                                           2
  • Pressure port:                                                                          OD 6mm
  • Pressure measurement accuracy:                                           ±2.5 %
  • Pressure measurement range:                                        10…700 kPa
  • Absolute input pressure in pneumatic system:                1000 kPa
  • Period between two serial measurements:                          330 ms

Compatible devices: Turbo-Dot Jet Valves; LC100E; LC100D

Download – LC100ЕP Data Sheet