Lerner Systems was acquired by VERMES Microdispensing.

Please visit us at www.vermes.com

                             The LC200 controller is a high-performance addition to the TD218 valve series. As a compact size bench-top controller, it is equipped with an easy to use touchscreen and can be easily integrated into already built machines/robots.

The touchscreen allows easy and precise adjustments of a variety of dispensing parameters (e.g. temperature, frequency, valve opening times, etc.), as they are being digitally displayed. Furthermore, it is also possible to connect the controller via the RS485 or Ethernet interface to a computer, where it can be operated using our software. The adjustable dispensing parameters in the software are the same as when using the touchscreen. The LC200 controller uses a low-voltage 24VDC power input, which makes it easy to integrate into existing systems. This controller is capable of adapting to just about every application, by letting you set the optimal parameters, ensuring repetitive and accurate dosing procedures

Download – LC200 Data Sheet