Turbo – Dot Jet Valves TD118HM (hot melt)

Turbo-Dot TD118HM high-performance jet valves is used for non-contact microdosing of hot melts. Can be dosed with a frequency of up to 280 Hz and with a line thickness of up to 0.25 mm.
The Turbo-Dot TD118HM jet valve has easily replaceable dosing nozzles, tapets and fittings for glue. Wetted parts are separated from the drive. This ensures quick and easy maintenance.

The Turbo-Dot valves operate electropneumatically at low voltages although the control signal can be adjusted manually. The valves have a minimal dilation time of 1,7 ms before the stream-forming dispensation can occur. The dispensation cycle ends with the recession of the control signal and the closing of the valve (closed without power supply).
The valves are cost-efficient and perfect for industrial production due to their robust and proven construction.
All Turbo-Dot Jet valves are made and tested in Germany.

Compatible devices: LC100D; LC100ELC100EP

Download – Turbo Dot Data Sheet