Piezo Jet Dispensing Valve TD218SP (solder paste)

The TD218SP Jet Valve is a high quality and reliable dispensing valve based on Piezo technology. It was designed for accurate contactless dispensing of Type 5-7 solder pastes to allow the customer to dispense the smallest possible dots or lines with a maximum operating frequency of 500 Hz (depending on the media).

Its modular design allows for easily exchangeable nozzles, tappets, and fluid inlet fittings, making it customizable for different application requirements. Only three parts, which are separated from the actuator come in contact with the medium, making the valve easy to clean and maintain. Our valves are cost-efficient and ideal for industrial applications due to their robust and proven construction.

Our attention to detail and experience in the dispensing field gives us the possibility to adapt the valve as best as possible to your dispensing goals, while the Piezo technology allows the customer to dispense smaller dots at a higher frequency.

It is easy to integrate the TD218SP valves into your system and set the wished dispensing parameters with the LC200 controller.

The TD218SP Piezo Jet Valves are made and tested in Germany.

Compatible devices: LC200

Download  – TD218SP Data Sheet En