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Turbo – Dot Jet Valves TD118

The Turbo-Dot TD118 is a high-performance jet dispensing valve for the contactless microdispensing of media with low or high viscosity. It can dispense dots and lines with a diameter from 0.3 mm at a frequency up to 280 points per second (280 Hz). In addition, higher dosages can be dispensed in streams.

The Turbo-Dot Jet Valve has easily exchangeable dispensing nozzles, tappets, and fluid inlet fittings. Thereby making it customizable for different application requirements. The wetted parts (parts that are in contact with the media) are separated from the actuator and therefore grant fast and easy serviceability and maintenance.

The Turbo-Dot valves operate electro-pneumatically at low voltages, although the control signal can be adjusted manually. The valves have a minimal dilation time of 2 ms before the dispensing process can occur. The dispensing cycle ends with a discontinuation of the control signal and closing of the valve (closed without power supply).

The valves are cost-efficient and ideal for industrial applications due to their robust and proven construction.

All Turbo-Dot Jet valves are made and tested in Germany.


  • This precise, reliable and reproducible application accelerates your production process
  • Flexible dispensing volume of 3 nL or more with a frequency up to 280Hz
  • Easy dismantling, cleaning and sterilization of all components that come into contact with the medium

Compatible devices: LC100D; LC100ELC100EP

Download – TD118 Data Sheet EN